Montague Harbour Rendezvous

 — Cancellation —

Due to the current surge in Covid cases and the growing number of those cases involving the more severe variants, and also to the current travel and event restrictions in place, the Montague Harbour rendezvous is cancelled for a second year.

The park is still open, the campground is there and the ocean is unchanged.  Individuals can still choose to visit – I suggest you do that in your own bubbles, in accordance with the rules and expert advice.

Maybe next year, cheers until then.

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When it happens, the next rendezvous will be at the same location, beautiful Montague Harbour Marine Park with its sheltered waters, good camping right close to the dock and a shuttle bus to the local pub.  (Unfortunately the bakery boat that used to spend its summers at anchor here is a thing of the past.)

US boaters are reminded that passports are required for cross border travel.


Note that this rendezvous does not provide support and no one will be tracking you. Safety is entirely up to the individual – it is up to you to ensure your boat is up to snuff and that your skills are adequate for ocean sailing.

Montague Harbour Marine Provincial Park is located on Galiano Island in the Canadian Gulf Islands. Galiano can be reached via BC Ferries from either Tsawassen on the mainland, or Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island. Drive-in and walk-in campsites are available in the park. There is an excellent launch ramp on the north side, with a shell beach that’s perfect for beaching small boats. On the south side, the harbour itself is a large, protected bay, with a smaller gravel beach beside the lagoon, moorings for larger boats and some dock space. The bay offers good holding for anchors.

It’s a short row around the Gray Peninsula, from the boat launch to the bay. Inside the harbour there’s room to play, despite the rows of moorings, and if the wind is favourable, there are other islands and destinations for the adventurous. Montague Harbour Marina at the south end of the harbour. For those who prefer not to camp, there are a number of fine bed and breakfasts on the island, not to mention some fine dining. And some less expensive eateries for the rest of us — you can even have pizza delivered to your campsite! Check the Galiano Island website for details.
Finally, as if all this isn’t enough, there is a regular shuttle bus from the park entrance to the island’s only pub. This is an important safety feature in case of dehydration, snake bite etc. (I mean, just because no one’s ever been bitten by a garter snake doesn’t mean it can’t happen, does it?)

So mark your calendars now and come and enjoy some of the finest sailing in the world, in BC’s Gulf Islands.

How to get to Montague Harbour.

An article on the 2008 Rendezvous

Here’s the part of the shell beach, and the boat launch, poured concrete in good condition.  It was near high tide when we inspected it, but we could see that it goes out a good long way.  We have had no trouble launching a 20 foot Chebacco, deep skeg and all.  This picture was taken in November, it looks a lot warmer when the sun is shining!

Here’s some more shell beach, on the same (north) side of the peninsula.

And here’s the gravel beach on the south side. The docks are behind the camera. The lagoon on the right dries out at low tide — there is good anchoring for small boats on the left side.