Sucia Island Rendezvous

This year’s rendezvous is cancelled due to the continuing Covid 19 pandemic.

There are several reasons, park closures, border crossings, conflict with Salish 100, but the greatest reason is that it is just plain irresponsible to schedule any kind of public/semi-public gathering at this time.  Even if we were all to self-isolate in our separate boats, there’s the travel and necessary interaction with others to get to and from the locations.

So stay safe, stay home and help flatten the curve.  Fix your boat, paint your boat, dream about the next boat – oh wait, we already do that!

See you all next time.



Sucia is almost the most northerly island in the San Juan group. It offers several bays for anchoring, and several camping areas. Echo Bay on the east side offers docks and is popular with big boat sailors, but the rendezvous is planned for the narrow strip of land separating Fox Cove from Fossil Bay on the southwest.  We will be using Fossil Bay unless a strong south-easterly wind makes it uncomfortable – it has the better beach for landing on. There are mooring buoys and a dock as well, but these cannot be reserved and may be full so be prepared to anchor if you don’t want to beach your boat.


There are campsites close to the beach, and we will reserve the group site.  The prettiest sites face Fox Cove, but the group site faces Fossil.  It doesn’t make much difference as the two are pretty well back to back.  We’ll have a fire in the evenings so bring along your sticks and marshmallows. You’re not camping if you don’t have burned sugar on your face!

We don’t have a lot of organization, so be ready to mingle and make your own entertainment.  We have a “cheese and wine” dinner on the Saturday, and if the wind cooperates, we will try for a Round-the-island race as usual.  Strong tides and weak winds have so far prevented anyone from finishing the race, but last year I proved that it is possible to sail around the island.  I sailed into the bay expecting congratulations, but all I got was a chorus of “It doesn’t count!”  Oh well….

Composting toilets are located handy to the campsites – these are clean and virtually odor free. There’s good water on island but no garbage disposal, be prepared to take it home with you.

More information about Sucia can be seen at the Washington State Parks website.

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